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Member Discounts


Find exclusive discounts to local businesses for NPANZ members!


GCo Fuels

The NPANZ in partnership with GCo Fuels has created a discounted fuel option for members.

  • Save 11c per litre at Mobil!
  • An average 15c per litre at BP/G.A.S. stations and
  • An average 9.2c per litre at Waitomo stations*
  • Zero card/transaction fees
  • Up to 35 days free credit

* – Savings of 11c per litre are locked in with Mobil. Savings with BP and Waitomo are set by a weekly National price per litre that on average is delivering 15c per litre savings at BP and 9.2c per litre at Waitomo - often much higher savings.

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MRA Accounting and Tax Advisory

$250 off Accounting and Tax Advisory service including an annual account to all NPANZ members.

PH: 02 2109 5379

E: admin@mraadvisory.co.nz

W: www.mraadvisory.co.nz

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Wally's Gardening & Health Products

Mention you are a member of NPANZ in the comments section when ordering to get 10% discounts on products.


Professional Supervision 4 Nurses

Gayleen Smith, Social Worker

PH: 021 102 7880

E: healthsmith23@gmail.com

Gayleen Smith

CCTV and Alarms

NPANZ members get a further 10% off promotions and package deals.

W: www.cctvandalarms.co.nz

E: sales@cctvandalarms.co.nz 



Integrative Nurse Coach

Exclusive $90 offer for NPANZ Members

Heather Leong - NZRN, Grad Dipl. Nutrional Medicine, Certified Integrative Nurse Coach, Cert Foundations of Anthroposophical Nursing.

Experienced holistic wellness coach, 1:1 or groups focusing on self-care, supporting personal awareness & increasing individual strength to create change.

PH: 02 7640 0361

E: heather.leong88@gmail.com

Heather Leong

Corrine Oliver, Life Coach

NPANZ Member Special $85 per hour (via Zoom)

Looking to bring lasting change to your life?
It's confidential, & it's all about you.

'Achieve wellbeing in all aspects of your life'

PH: 02 1121 0980

E: pnky@xtra.co.nz



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Self Heal Clinic

$10 off allergy testing

For more details, cost & instructions click here.

Note: A phone/telehealth appoiment with Sarah Beesley (MHD Hons, Adv. Cert Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach) will be required to discuss results; this will not be discounted.

PH: 02 8416 2654

E: sarah@selfhealclinic.co.nz

W: selfhealclinic.co.nz 

Self Heal Clinic

The Essence of life - holistic health

5% discount off services!

Karen Pearson, Nurse Specialist, Registered Mental Health Nurse, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Reiki and Massage Therapist focuses on treating, teaching and supporting people with the healing process. Support will be provided for generic conditions with a specialised focus on mental health and spiritual aspects of being.

One of the roles is supporting people with changes in their nutrition and lifestyle changes. Vitae Essentia’s goal is to show people a greater aspect of choices in help and support them on their way to a healthier life. 

E: info@vitae-essentia.org

W: vitae-essentia.org 

Vitae Essence

Headline Professional Supervision

Linda Bougen, Registered Nurse and Professional Supervisor.

Give me a call to learn more about professional supervision.

PH: 02 7416 8921

W: headlinesupervision.co.nz 

Whether you are a teacher, nurse, police officer, caregiver or manager of any other profession I can facilitate productive sessions that will enhance your practice and
rejuvenate your commitment to your profession.

Discussing and reflecting on any issue of your daily work life and career, colleagues, team dynamics, organisational ethics. Setting goals for professional development and acknowledging your achievements are a priority also.

Read more here


Disclaimer: NPANZ and NZ Unions take no responsibility for trades, goods, relationships or services that occur as a result of advertising on this page.

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T: +64 4 887 6888


The Nurses' Professional Association of New Zealand (NZ NURSES UNITED INCORPORATED NZBN: 9429051135430) is a union whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party, so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues.

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