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PI Insurance that won't raise your blood pressure

New Zealand nurses save when securing PI Insurance,

Legal Protection, and Workplace Support with NPANZ.

Full-Time Monthly Billing

Nurse / HCA / Affiliate


Full-Time - Earning $36,000+ per annum

SAVE 10% P.A.

Full-Time Annual Billing

Nurse / HCA / Affiliate


Full-Time - Earning $36,000+ per annum

Full-Time Fortnightly Billing

Nurse / HCA / Affiliate


Full-Time - Earning $36,000+ per annum

Student / Not Working

Student / Nurse


per annum

Part-Time Rates:

Part-Time $0-$26,000pa
Part-Time $26,001-$36,000pa

Part-Time Monthly Billing

Nurse / HCA / Affiliate



Part-Time Rate 1 - $0-$26,000 / Part-Time Rate 2 - $26,001-$36,000

SAVE 10% P.A.

Part-Time Annual Billing

Nurse / HCA / Affiliate



Part-Time Rate 1 - $0-$26,000 / Part-Time Rate 2 - $26,001-$36,000

Part-Time Fortnightly Billing

Nurse / HCA / Affiliate



Part-Time Rate 1 - $0-$26,000 / Part-Time Rate 2 - $26,001-$36,000

Your Subscription Includes:

👉 Professional Indemnity Insurance*
👉 Workplace Support 
👉 Legal Support 
👉 Membership of NPANZ 
👉 Online Newsletter Subscription
👉 Referral Incentive 
👉 Optional CPD (Coming Soon!)

* Subject to Indemnity Insurance Conditions described here.

Student / Not Working memberships only include access to our Newsletter Subscription. Student nurses, Return-to-Nursing students and CAP students are eligible for in-house legal support whilst on clinical placements (during their period of study only).

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Start Saving in Less than 1 Minute:

Member Testimonials

"Excited to find a union that is affordable, non-political and actually cares about it's members! Joined and received a phone call within a day, then I had some questions a few weeks later and Sarah was able to answer them quickly and professionally. Best decision I ever made."
Ottilia Garcia
"All good so far! I received a call after signing up from a really friendly staff member (who has worked as nurse)."
Evelyn Jones
"Couldn't have been more helpful and professional. Thank you so much Highly recommended. More affordable than the union I had paid for years (who were not helpful at all when I needed them)."
Esther P.
"Never liked how clique-y and political the nzno was. Glad there is a different option."
Leaf Wang
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Your Coverage with NPANZ:


Policy Coverage


Months continuous renewal

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Coverage

Download: Certificate of Currency 30 May 2023 to 30 May 2024


The NPANZ PII Policy and legal backup service:

  • $500,000 liability and $500,000 for defence costs;
  • Unlimited retroactive cover;
  • Run-off cover until the expiry of the Policy Period.

Joining NPANZ is both cost-effective and easy, giving you assurance of cover and peace of mind that you are complying with your professional obligations.


Legal Representation & Industrial Support

Our expert industrial advocate and legal support team are considered to be some of New Zealand's best. We provide industrial support for a variety of workplace issues including Collective Bargaining, industrial disputes, pay disputes, bullying and more.

Legal Representation

Like the sound of NPANZ?

Learn more about our services and membership options. 

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T: +64 4 887 6888


The Nurses' Professional Association of New Zealand (NZ NURSES UNITED INCORPORATED NZBN: 9429051135430) is a union whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party, so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues.

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